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Our job is to keep the water safe and clean for you or your residents to enjoy. We provide regular pool maintenance to both commercial and residential customers. Routine pool maintenance includes: 

  • Manually skim, brush, vacuum, and clean tile

  • Operate/Clean filtration and recirculation system

  • Test and balance water chemistry

  • Maintain proper water levels

  • Inspect all associated equipment to ensure functionality

  • Remove debris from pool deck & straighten pool furniture

  • Comply with health & safety regulations


We pride ourselves in knowing all components of the pool inside and out. In the event, your pool is in need of repair an experienced pool service technician will diagnose and troubleshoot the issue. We have the knowledge and tools required to repair almost any issue. By trusting us with your pool service needs, we can ensure your pool is up and running with little downtime.

Water Testing Kit


Over time you will notice damage to your pool's interior finish. Hollow spots, chips, or cracks  in the finish are all signs that the swimming pool may need refinished. We can accomplish this by taking the pool down to the original shell, applying bondkote, and replastering with new finish. Our team can replace the waterline tile, coping, and pool decking of the pool  as well. Doing this will create a more enjoyable environment and keep your swimming pool up to code.


Let us custom-design and build the perfect pool for you! C Buss Enterprises will create an outdoor retreat we guarantee you will love. Throughout several months our highly skilled team will begin the construction of your new pool. It is important to us to follow the time frame promised and keep you informed throughout the process. 

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